Bedford Park Residents

The Village offers superb services to our residents. We have excellent police and fire departments and our public works staff does a great job of maintaining our residential area as well as the business district. Bedford Park is a major water distributor in the Chicago area and our staff does an excellent job of maintaining our state-of-the-art system. The Village offers free water and garbage pick up to our residents. We have fiber optics installed in the residential area that provides internet service at no charge to the residents. For a number of years, the Village has been able to rebate the Village portion of property taxes back to the residents.

Our business district has close to 400 businesses and 16,500 workers operating in Bedford Park. Eleven hotels in our business district gives visitors a daily glimpse of life in Bedford Park. The Belt Railroad yard in the Village is the busiest in the world. The Village has been fortunate with an ideal location bordering the City of Chicago, Midway Airport and the Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal.

The Village’s greatest asset is the residents. With a population of approximately 600 Village residents, our residents work hard to maintain their property and to respect the rights of their fellow neighbors.

Many young people that have grown up in the Village have moved on to successful careers. We look forward to you helping us maintain the high standards that we have enjoyed in the Village.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact our Village board or the Village administrative staff. We look forward to serving you.