Quick Start Guide

The Village of Bedford Park is located in an area that is great for business and industry. There are abundant resources for all types of business. Bedford Park is located close to all major forms of transportation systems and is serviced by a huge labor market. The Village has abundant services for electric, natural gas, as well as telecommunications, and uses the Lake Michigan water supply. In addition to all of the other operational needs for success, Bedford Park is located in an enterprise zone, which offers substantial tax savings to qualifying projects.

The village is home to the Clearing Industrial Association which is comprised of many well-known successful local, national and international companies. For more information, contact Donna Smith at (708) 496-0336 or their website www.bpcia.org .

In addition to the well-known industrial district the Village is home to the Midway Airport Hotel Center located near Midway airport. This along with a very prosperous retail section shows that Bedford Park is a proven location for success.

There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to start your business in Bedford Park:

  1. Verify that your business is permitted to operate. You can contact the Zoning Department for more information.
  2. Complete the Business Regulation Certificate You can pick one up at the Village Administrative Office.
    1. Make sure to turn in all supporting documents with the application! Submit by mail or in person to the Village Administrative Office, 6701 S. Archer, 2nd
  3. Building Permits: Contact the Building Department to determine if additional building permits are required. If you will be doing any demolition or remodeling, building permits will need to be reviewed and issued. Their goal is to answer your questions and process permits as quickly as possible.
  4. Contact the Building Department at (708) 458-2067 to schedule inspections of all properties prior to opening your business. Inspections include building inspections, fire inspections, etc. All of these inspections are typically done when your business is set up.
  5. Certificate of Occupancy: Once all inspections have passed and the Board gives their approval, your certificate of occupancy will be issued.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Village Administrative Office at (708) 458-2067.