The Village of Bedford Park is an Illinois Home Rule community located on the southwestern border of Chicago city limits. The village is near Chicago’s Midway Airport and is minutes from downtown Chicago. It is part of an Illinois enterprise zone, and is also an integral partner of the Illinois and Michigan Heritage Canal Corridor where the IMHCC Visitors Center is located in the heart of the Village.

The companies of the Clearing Industrial District, along with the Corn Products Corporation, were the early industrial residents of the area. The industry prospered over the years, and the district currently is the home of many well-known international companies. Back in the early years the issue of housing employees who could live close to their work was addressed by a subdivision, the latter came to be the residential area of Bedford Park.

Corn Products, (whose first president was E. T. Bedford) originally built the first housing units as a project for the company employees. As the employees purchased homes and moved into the community, they brought with them a sense of organization, enthusiasm, and energy, that eventually culminated in the incorporation of Bedford Park as a village in 1940. Since that time, the Village has prospered and gained a reputation as a great place in which to live and to do business.

As part of a diversified economic development plan, the Village has developed a vibrant and successful retail and hotel district, in addition to its large industrial base. The Village has exceptional infrastructure, transportation, and public services capable of attracting new growth opportunities, and is constantly upgrading its ability to serve it’s residents and businesses.

In the years to come the Village of Bedford Park intends to continue to maintain and improve on its reputation as a solid business leader.

Village of Bedford Park Updates

Village President:
David R. Brady

Anthony W. Kensik
Robert S. Regep
Katrina Errant
Gail P. Rubel
Ed Salecki
Terry J. Stocks

Village Clerk:
Yvette Solis

Village Treasurer:
Rhonda Hyde