The Village of Bedford Park Environmental Quality Control Board (BP-EQCB) was formed in the mid 1960’s, well in advance of the first federal Clean Air Act program in 1970. The Village adopted what is in existence today, the Air Pollution Control Section (Chapter 3) of the Village Ordinance. The Village Ordinance is available at the Bedford Park Library. After 35 years of progress, the BP-EQCB is only one of two local pollution control boards that exist in the state of Illinois.

With the development of federal and state agencies over the years, much of the ambient air monitoring and testing previously conducted by the BP-EQCB is now done by federal and state environmental protection agencies. We still monitor over 80 permitted companies in the village by requiring sources to complete a no-fee application with the BP-EQCB for new construction or modifications to air permits. This action initiates the Board’s review process to ensure construction is in compliance with state and federal regulations. In coordination with the Village Fire Department, the EQCB requires a no-fee application for open burning. Open burning must comply with local ordinance. Furthermore, the BP-EQCB provides comments to the Village Board on local siting proposals and addresses citizen complaints relative to pollution allegations in the Village.

The BP-EQCB consists of a seven-member board comprised of residents and employees of local industry. In addition, the BP-EQCB maintains a licensed professional engineer on staff, pursuant to the local ordinance, to address technical issues associated with the Board’s proceedings.

The BP-EQCB is a member of the STAPPA / ALAPCO air pollution control agency association. The BP-EQCB meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the Conference Room on the second floor.

Coordinator: James Kennedy
6701 S. Archer Road
Bedford Park, IL 60501
Phone: (708) 458-2067
Fax: (708) 458-2079