How to Start your Business in Bedford Park

1. VERIFY ZONING. Verify that your business complies with current zoning regulations in the village. Contact the Building Department for more information at (708) 458-2067.

2. CHECK OUT LOCATION INFORMATION. Need to find a location? Click here.

3. COMPLETE NEW BUSINESS PACKET. Complete the New Business Packet as listed below or pick up a New Business Packet at the Village Administrative Office at 6701 S. Archer, 2nd Floor.
a. Business Regulation Certificate (BRC) Application including fee schedule
b. Enterprise Zone Information Sheet
c. Payment of BRC fee will be due upon approval.

a. In person or mail the New Business Packet to The Village of Bedford Park, Attn: BRC Administrator, 6701 S. Archer, Bedford Park, IL 60501
b. Online by submitting the completed documents to

5. APPLY FOR REQUIRED BUILDING PERMITS. If you will be doing demolition work or any type of remodeling, a building permit application will need to be submitted for review and approval by the Building Department. Click here for a Building Permit Application.

6. APPLY FOR ADDITIONAL LICENSING. Additional licensing may be required prior to occupancy such as:
a. Vending machine if on site
b. Liquor license if serving liquor
c. Stickney County Health Department license if serving food
Licensing may also be required through the State of Illinois. See for more information.

7. SCHEDULE REQUIRED INSPECTIONS. Please contact the Building Department at (708) 458-2067 to schedule any required inspections.

8. NEW BUSINESS REGULATION CERTIFICATE APPROVAL. Once your Business Regulation Certificate is approved, the respective fee will be due and you will receive your BRC.

9. CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY WILL BE ISSUED. All properties require a Certificate of Occupancy before occupying the premises. Upon Village Board approval the Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

a. All businesses must renew their Business Regulation Certificate annually. They are valid from July 1st to June 30th each year. Renewal documents are mailed out in late May.
b. Annual inspections are done by the fire department.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Village Administrative Office at (708) 458-2067.